MIKE O'SHEA on the Delta...

As one would expect, a massive tide and current driven water system such as the California Delta, has it’s share of veteran guides with well-earned reputations. But for those who might be heading that way from the lower half of the Golden State, stepping in the boat with a man who is familiar with the Southern California bass perspective might be a more comfortable experience.

Mike O’Shea was 45 years a “SoCal” while also testing the waters across the country as a pretty successful touring pro. However, with so many places he could have chosen, Mike settled near the great Delta gold mine where he offers both half- and full-day trips.

Of course, you only need to look at recent tournament results to see the productivity of the Delta. “We’re at the peak right now with fish in the spawn and post-spawn,” he says. But whether you want to learn a technique such as frog fishing or punching, or get some lessons on fishing moving water, or get a tournament eye’s view on how and why you pick a lure, change a cadence, or select a bank to fish, Mike doesn’t hold anything back.


Naturally, if you want to read his resume or check out weather conditions or get an idea of his boat and equipment, you can check out his website. But from my discussions with him, the things that stuck out for me was his desire for his clients to get more than a good fishing trip. “I can show them two or four techniques to help them catch more fish, or show them a rod or gear they can use.” Specifically he says, “I assess my client’s gear and try and simplify their approach.”

Still, the Delta can be a forbidding destination for some so I asked him: What’s the biggest challenge in tackling the Delta? And second: What’s the biggest misconception about fishing the place?

Mike responded: “The biggest challenge is the size of the place and that it is always changing. Spots change, tules grow or don’t grow and the grass is always changing.” All of which sounds like a good reason to hire a guide.

To the second question, he noted, “The biggest misconception is that anglers have to gear up their rods and reels to fish the Delta. My clients are catching 4’s and 5’s on spinning gear just like at home. They just have fight them better.”

And Mike can teach that too.


6 Responses to “Mike O’Shea: Delta guide with SoCal roots”

by Kevin Linehan

Mike could be Sammy Hagar’s little brother.

I’d love to fish with Mike. I’ve enjoyed following his tourney results for years. Time and Money, never enough of either… == George, the hyperlink above to his webpage is broken…

by George Kramer

Thanks, Alex. Link is working now. People forget Mike was also in the Helicopter Lure infomercial (with Roland Martin) as well. Darn, that bass fishing. 😉

I’ve been fishing with Mike several times and speak from personal experience. As a co-angler I have to learn ways to catch fish from the back of the boat fishing behind some of the best pro’s in the west. I spent a day on the water with Mike on Friday May 7, 2010 and with one technique Mike showed me, I took first place Sat. May 8, 2010 in my Bass club team tournament and the following weekend, 8th place at the West Coast Bass Pro-Am!

If you just want to go out on the Delta and catch some Bass or learn some new stuff, give Mike a call!

Hey George,
Thanks for all the kind words.Lets not forget the ever so popular flyin lure infomercial with Alex Langer, now that was a career boost, just kidding. And as for kevin’s comment I’m flatterd but I was really aiming for Nikki Sixx O well.
Thanks again George, I love your site and check it out daily.

by Kevin Linehan

Nikki Sixx…………I forgot you are a huge MC fan!