We’ve had our share of problems with “tournament cheating” and other misrepresentation of catches here in the West. The Mike Hart/U.S. Open tale was big news for a time, but in the end, the consequences have been minor and now the issue is all but forgotten–keeping the door open for other perpetrators.

Yet, when you read the story and follow the links on Gawker you kind of understand why. As much as the issue means to fishermen, lawmakers don’t necessarily take “fishing” seriously. For one, an anti-cheating bill’s sponsor, Texas Senator Glenn Hegar (R) noted that his peers have needled him for going the distance on such a bill.

Yet you know this could help clean up the game.  According to the New York Times  this bill would impose fines and even jail time, depending on the amount of money involved. While it made it through the state legislature, we’re still awaiting the final outcome. Texas Governor Rick Perry only has to put his signature on a bill to take a bite out of tournament crime.

Stay tuned. We’ll probably hear more next week.


2 Responses to “‘Cheaters’ bill: Will governor sign?”

by art bailey

“tournament cheating” and other misrepresentation, I like it. Other misrepresentation is perfect. You’re the man, George. FINS soon hope you can come.

“Other Misrepresentations” I like it too! Reminds me of the many times I hear,”I just caught a 5#’er” My reply,”That’s Great!. Did you weigh it?” Answer,”No” Reply, “Why didn’t you say it was a 6#’er?” Your “BLOG”is Great George! Gene