ABT BANSHEE, what I'm talkin' about...

The nature of the lure business is such that we sometimes get caught up in “Who’s first?” rather than “What’s best?” The fact of the matter is, with baits that swim, dive or sink, just because some look alike, doesn’t mean they all perform the same.

And when something “works,”  it should come as no surprise that it might have several “versions.” Think about it.  Tournament fishermen often find themselves crowded in certain areas and it’s not because they want to be seen with the their peers, it’s because they want to be in the productive areas and ply their individual skills and tools.

I offer that since we now make our casts in an era where a number of baits have overt similarities. But what we discover is, no one is really trying to build a “copy,” rather they are trying to take the best of one and refine it further.

Allen Borden, lure designer and owner of ABT Lures, has found himself in that zone. With a well of ideas bubbling up, he’s been coming up with both refinements and new concepts. And he has a national track record, having created some big hits, including Strike King’s King Shad, which arguably has features of some other jointed lures, but outsold the rest.

Borden, I discovered, had been designing baits for the national company for years, since he created the Gladiator, the jointed, short-billed lure that came out around the time DVL was to open. He hit several home runs for the big company, but “things” changed in that part of the business world, and now he and his ABT company are delivering Borden’s creations direct.

One of the newest (and look out, he has got a well of creative ideas that are about to spill out) is the Banshee jointed swimbait, that offers durability, swimming action and unique finishes for considerably less than you’re paying now.

Referred to as the “Next Generation” series from ABT, you are going to see things that not only look good, but do it where it matters: under real-life, on-the-water conditions. And when I say Next Generation, Borden’s latest offerings are just being delivered as I write–and will be part of the New Product Showcase at ICAST in July.

So here’s my point. Yes, there is some very good stuff out there. Just be sure you take a close look at ABT. This guy Allen Borden has got some stuff going on.


3 Responses to “California lure maker breaking loose”

I own a bunch of Allen’s lures. I stick with his ABT lures/versions of his classics rather than the SK versions as the finish work is far better, and the plastics more durable and the joints “cleaner” in my opinion. 8 ABT Gladiators, 10 ABT King Shads, 1 of the 9″ ABT Titans(King Kong), and a few of the… SHHHHHHHH!…..unfortunately long discontinued model the REAPER (like a mini Gladiator), I just found and bought 4 more JUST YESTERDAY!! He really should fire up that Reaper mold again….

Oh yeah, I have a couple Wagtails as well…..

by Alex Maxwell

The ABT 4″ SHAD in trout and white have caught some nice 4lb fish for me.