Since I was just talking braid use, let me go one more step in that direction. Braid needs a specialized cutter–and when you’re on the troll motor, it would be nice if it were also handy.

I try a lot of stuff. I spend more for scissors every year than my wife. I try and take care of them, but I lose stuff when I’m fishing (many witnesses can attest) so I end up just grabbing what I can reach. It might be a nail clipper or a diagonal cutter, and some make a better cut than others. But, you know, it’s never quite as easy as the old days, where we used our teeth to cut the mono.

But I got a tip on a product that you might want to look at. It’s little, like a large nail clipper, but it compresses and opens like certain pliers. However, the blades are 420 stainless, so they are both hard and sharp. Yet, for a “throw and go” personality like me, the best part is, it has a built-in tether.

The thing is called the SNIP, built by Boomerang Tool Company (so “it comes back to you,” get it?) but it’s not a novelty item. The so-called “leash” is of a proprientory design, that can attach right where you usually rig–or in my case–it attaches to my belt where I won’t leave it somewhere. And the thing cuts clean–the blades really have close tolerances.

Anyway, braid keeps becoming a bigger part of bass fishing; there’s just no getting around it. So,  if you’re looking for something that won’t get away from you in the heat of battle (with or without an LED light) the Snip is a real tool. You know, for real fishermen.


4 Responses to “A ‘Snip’ of a tool makes braid use easier”

Been using the SNIP all year, great for braid, and it’s still in my boat, unlike all my other scissors!!!!

by George Kramer

Nice. Can’t beat that recommendation!

I buy scissors at the Dollar Store. When they get lost or worn out, I just replace them for a buck. Does the SNIP keep the braid from raveling?

by George Kramer

Because braid is a “weave” the ends are subject to unraveling, though the Snip’s cut is clean. There are some brands of glue made for braid (or for just the very end–Super Glue) that would “seal” the tag end when tying to the frog.