What started back in 1868 to honor and remember Civil War casualties and later came to include World War I and then all U.S. war dead, is the reason there is a Memorial Day. With changing conventions, not the least of which, Congress’ move to include it among opportunities for a three-day holiday, it appears on the calendar as “the last Saturday in May,” not the original May 30.

Still, there have been plenty of other “wars” in my lifetime–and plenty of losses. Several kids from my high school didn’t come back from Viet Nam, while somehow I drew a high number in the draft lottery. Even that proved to be a tenuous period–especially for my dad. As a lightly decorated veteran of the Battle of the Bulge, he hung on every mail delivery: draft notice or deferrment?     

He knew, they don’t all come back from the “real thing.”

In the last 40 years, so many families have buried their sons and daughters for the harshest reality of military service. If you, gratefully, have been spared that experience, there is just no way to feel the depth of those losses. But it doesn’t mean we can’t share their burden. We, in the broadest sense, put them in harm’s way (and should continue to appreciate all who serve or have served).

But for this particular weekend, all I ask is that you take a moment and quietly remember and appreciate the fallen. For them, it’s all we can do.


4 Responses to “Memorial Day: Remember to remember…”

by Kevin Johnson

Thank you for a wonderul post G.K.!

The fallen will never be forgotten!

by Greg Munton

Your post is quite eloquent and personally moving. Thanks for sharing your inspiration! I’m whistling ‘The Minstrel Boy’ now.

Thank you for taking the time to put the focus where it needs to be. We have so many blessings because of the men and women who have served.

This Memorial Day was 1 of the ideal Memorial Days that I have had in awhile. For the first time in a few of decades we went to a cookout alternatively of hosting it. So substantially more calming and a good deal significantly less strain. I could unwind, enjoy the parade and play with my children. I just desired to say thank you for the all the challenging function and sacrifices that our soldiers gave to defend the freedoms of this nation.