As announced today on today, Dobyns Rods, one of the most popular of the new breed of fishing products, will now be a sponsor of FLW. Yet the move likely signals several things–not the least of which, the end of Gary Dobyns’ fishing career as a tour player.

Don’t get me wrong. He’s not dead–at least not yet. I still read where he’s doing seminars not far removed from his zip code. But let’s not deny the fact the last time anyone saw him in Southern California he had a bad back and was no longer holding his playing weight–his hockey playing weight. And as the saying goes: you only hurt your back once.

Birth certificates don’t lie. Gary Dobyns–the man who put the power in Western power fishing–is not the same powerful guy who spent much of the last decade begging fellow anglers to enter the big circuits–just so he could take their money. Heck, I don’t know how many boats he has won in his career, but I do know it’s more units than several manufacturers sold over the last 24 months.

As for his rod business, you know things must be relatively good if he can dump that much cash and product (or whatever the partnership entails) into marketing on a national scale. And I’d really hate to see him finish his career holding a tin cup in the mornings over Ladd’s.

Yet I also recognize another axiom: The best way to cut back on your fishing is to go into the fishing business. And it’s clear, Gary has jumped in with both feet (as well as that back).

Will we still see him competing? Oh I’m sure he’ll make a cameo here and there. But then, a guy who’s won at every level including the U.S. Open, qualified for the Bassmaster Classic, and still looks good enough to post his yearbook photo on his website, really doesn’t need to.

So, with this important announcement today, I’m going to wish him all the best.

No, really.




5 Responses to “Dobyns sponsorship signals end of a career?”

Hey George,
Don’t wake a sleeping giant.

by Kevin Linehan

Being one of the most dominant fisherman EVER in the West, he has nothing to prove to anybody.

by Gary Dobyns

Big surprise for you Georgie. Since things are so screwed up in the west….I’m looking at other options next year. Plans are in place ( even a boat already there ) with a new sponsor deal…. if I agree to it ( not currently involved in fishing ). My back is doing very well ( Tyler TX has a great doc that fixes bass fishermen’s backs ) I am recovering from shoulder operation and most likely will have another but i will be ready. Also, yes I’ve gotten fat too… You want to wrassle :):)

by Gary Dobyns

Also, thanks for the press George. See you in Vegas.

by George Kramer

You’re only doing this to make me look bad, right Gary? 😉