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UPDATED WITH NEW VISUAL CLUE–More digging in the archives has turned up yet another discovery. This historic, mid 1980’s photo shows two legendary bass fishermen while on a rare visit to the West. They were part of a cadre of major stars from the B.A.S.S. circuit that may have inspired many younger anglers at the time.

Look closely at the photo. What I want you to do is, first, identify each angler, and secondly, tell me what was each angler’s biggest claim to fame in bass fishing. And then, if we need a tie-breaker, tell me something about where they are when the photo was taken.


If you need a hint, I can tell you it’s summer time…

As for a prize, I think it will be equally “legendary.” So let’s get to it. Who are those guys?


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by mike martin

1.larry nixon & tommy martin
2.both classic champs
3.july 27th 1987 parking lot of the dunes hotel evening before day 1 of the u.s. open

Charlie Campbell- Legendary for walking the dog with the Zara Spook.
Larry Nixon-He has competed in more than 260 bass fishing tournaments since 1998; still competing in bass fishing tournaments to this very day.[1] Nixon has won fourteen first place finishes in all the professional bass fishing events. Nixon’s career earnings in his entire bass fishing career add up to a grand total of $1,634,858.60; making him a millionaire in the sport.[1] His biggest fish caught to win the Big Bass award was a black bass weighing 6 pounds (2.7 kg) at Lake Dardanelle in Arkansas on August 12, 2009.[2] At the 2004 FLW Tour in Lake Okeechobee (Florida), Nixon managed to catch 28 pounds (13 kg) worth of fish.[2] This would become his largest catch of his entire career.[2]

Larry Nixon endorsed a video game which was called Larry Nixon’s Super Bass Fishing in Japan. The game was released on September 23, 1994.[3] When it was released in the United States and Canada two months later, the game changed its title to TNN Bass Tournament of Champions in recognition of the former Nashville Network.

And Nixon won the 1983 bassmaster classic

Charley Campbell and Tommy Martin.
Charley is the Zara Spook king
Tommy Martin, Texas guide and BASS Champion
US Open, Tropicana hotel.

by George Kramer

Okay, already. Now I know what teachers go through grading tests. No clean answer, but I’m terminating the contest. As for the answer, it is Charlie Campbell with Tommy Martin. Campbell was indeed the Zara Spook master (who could actually walk the dog “backwards” around a piece of cover). Martin, who has done many things, but won the 1974 Bassmasters Classic. And the setting, while I was the Editor of U.S. Bass Magazine, I shot the photo while covering the U.S. Open.

Just send a private email with your shipping address and I’ll find something to send you. Game over.

Hey well at least I got the names right? Is that the Open George that Jeff Munson won?

by Tony Papazian

Charlie Campbell =
•Five-time Classic qualifier
•2003 Missouri Sports Hall of Fame inductee
•2007 Springfield, MO Area Sports Hall of Fame inductee
•2008 Bass Fishing Hall of Fame inductee
•Developer of the Charlie Campbell CC Spinnerbait
•Instrumental in the design of the original BASS TRACKER boat for Bass Pro Shops
•B.A.S.S. Federation National Championship winner
•67 Tournament Trail event wins

Tommy Martin =
•1974 Bassmaster Classic World Champion
•19-time Bassmaster Classic qualifier
•50 Top 10 B.A.S.S. event finishes
•Five Bassmaster event wins

I have been out of bass fishing for 25 years, and I came across this and instantly recognized Martin and Campbell. Neat photo!