You probably didn’t notice they weren’t available–but I did. You can’t get 4-inch ribworm/ringworm style plastic worms in watermelon/red flake. In fact, it’s so bad, you can’t get that style in any color from either YUM or Berkley, two of the most potent “scented” baits you can find.

And it’s a complete curiosity to me, because we’re really talking about three fundamental elements here.

The first one, of course, is the shape. For over the last 30 years, nothing has flashed any higher peaks in popularity than the 4-inch ringer. From the Alabama River to the California Delta, this air-bubble-catching, forage imitator had moments of extreme popularity–because it worked.

The second element is color. You would think, as long as a bait is in production–and it still is from Luck E Strike, Zoom, J-Mac, Barlows and Netcraft–that a “stock” color such as watermelon red (or red/black flake) would be an instant “add to cart” item. But no. I can buy grubs, tubes, lizards, shaky head worms, French fries and just about any other goofy style–but no ring/ribworms in this basic, fish-catching color.

The third element involved is scent (or salt). Although I have a stash of the last of the 4-inch watermelon/red YUM ribworms on the planet, the company says its new F2 Ferocity in a water-based a spray formula is like 30 percent better than the original LPT.

According to PRADCO insider Lawrence Taylor, “Added  tactifiers, chemicals that prompt the active ingredients to adhere to the bait for long lasting effect.” And more than that, he says, “In soft plastics, these tactifiers will actually penetrate the lure if given a couple hours to soak in.”

This latter characteristic, as you can imagine, really rang my bell. While I might not be able to get any more YUM Ribworms, with this new F2, all I would need to do to duplicate my success would be to spray “somebody elses” watermelon/red ringers and be back in business out there.

Unfortunately, they just don’t make ’em. Amazing.



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George, I found a guy on eBay who custom pours 4″ ringworms. He has watermelon red flake. He is located in Connecticut.

You can special order. His user name is: rjskeeter082992

Check it out here:

by George Kramer

Good research, Darlene! 🙂 Oooh, except they are “hand-poured.” That means they are flat on one side…

Picky, picky, picky! I use hand pours that are flat on one side, and I still catch fish! If they weren’t flat on one side, I wouldn’t know which side of the worm was the top, and which side was the bottom! 🙂

Remember way back 18-20 years ago when hand pours were the “in” thing to use? I still have several hand pours, and I’m still using them!

Won’t your contacts at Yum or Luck E Strike pour you some custom ring worm colors? After all, you ARE George Kramer!

George, I emailed the guy that pours the ringworms and he said they are not flat on one side. They are round.

They will make them in any color you want.

Darlene, what george is looking for is a 4 in. injected ringworm that are round and have a really thin curl tail. What I think your guy in conn. has are hand poured ring worms.In that case they would have a flat side and be considered a zipper type knock off. Besides that it is very difficult to get a hand poured curl tail worm thin enough to have any decent action. O ya wait a minute who knocked who off? was it zipper or ringworm or ringworm,zipper hmmmm I just don’t know anymore.

I know what George is looking for. The guy in Connecticut said they are round, and no flat side. I’m going to buy a pack and see for myself. I’ll let you know.

Okay, I just ordered two packs of 12 watermelon/red flake ringworms. The price dropped by .30 cents a pack. If they’re round, and the tail is thin, I’ll send a pack to you, George, and you can use them or not. Anyway, they’re cheap enough that it won’t hurt to look at them.

by George Kramer

You’re such a shopper, Darlene. 😉

George, when you don’t have a lot of money to blow on tackle, you tend to shop wisely! Besides, I work for the State of California, that says it all! LOL 🙂

by Jojo Norwood.

“they” tell me if you buy enough… Zoom will make you some…Zoom makes a 4″ ringer but I won’t admit to use’n a Green Punkin one w/ a 1/4oz Mojo on 6# line for cold water need a bite fish’n.

by George Kramer

Heard the same, Jojo. But two things. One, Zoom’s ringer is the wimpiest of all the brands, and second then, why would I want to buy a truckload? 🙁

Received the ringworms yesterday. They are NOT flat on one side and the tail looks reasonably thin. Chose the garlic scent although the guy has a few different scents. Gonna try drop shotting them at Castaic next month. I’ve never been one to use curly tail worms but I will try these. If I don’t like the curly tail, I’ll just cut it off.