Gary Klein, former Golden Stater, may have had about his worst season in 33 years, but after chatting with him earlier Monday, it’s clear, he will be making adjustments and coming back with a fresh slate and the goal of his 30th trip to the Bassmasters Classic. So let’s not bury the guy.

Right now, Klein and his perfect summer sponsor Repel Outdoor Gear/Sporting Goods, are hosting a great Sweepstakes (Repel Nothing Biting But the Fish Sweepstakes, to be specific) that could net you and a friend a real-life fishing trip with Gary plus $5000 in cash, air and ground transportation, meals and accommodations plus a selection of Repel products.

And you can get hooked up by checking in on Repel’s Facebook page (click here). The Sweepstakes runs through midnight, Aug. 31 so you’ve got time. If you’re interested, go to the site where you can also link up on the complete rules–but as long as you’re at least 18 years of age and a citizen, you should have no problems.

And wouldn’t that prize be trip of a life time?

But hey, how about one more request? We know Gary didn’t set the Elite Series on fire, but he could still benefit from some “fan support.” If you were to cast your vote him–starting June 21–he might be able to keep fishing this year. Sure, it’s a long-shot, but if he gets enough votes, Gary could make the top 12 spots that go into the newly reconfigured “post season.”

What do you say? You’ll find the spot (Tuesday) on the Bassmasters website (click here).



One Response to “Don’t bury Gary: Cool Repel Sweepstakes”

by Kevin Johnson

He is not done! Gary is a top notch fisherman and everyone has a bad season or two.