You’re going to be gone fishing this weekend, so hope you don’t mind a little vacation by the site-master. You’ve all figured out the latest world record hoax, have thoroughly discussed the unethical nature of fishing (and receiving awards) in your own tournament circuit, and have lauded the nature of the latest issue of magazine. For those reasons, I think it shouldn’t matter if my bride and I slip away for a few days in celebration of our 40th wedding anniversary.

Not looking for recognition (heck, one of my favorite fishing partners, Jim Emmett, is celebrating his 50th next month) but given all my wife has had to put up for four decades, I think it only right that we take a short trip.

As for comments on the matter (and none are required, of course) some may not get posted just because the house-sitter doesn’t have the password, and probably wouldn’t know a clever comment from a full-blown spammer, anyway. But I will be back on-line on Monday–target: Brent Ehler.



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Happy Anniversary!