UPDATED (2:50 p.m.) Getting a bass fishing report out Lake Elsinore is like picking the quagga mussels out of Lake Matthews–virtually impossible. However, I found another masochist to join me in the morning for six hours of “What the heck were we thinking?” time, so soon we’ll all know.

On the positive, the lake level is only about 15 inches or so below the high water mark of the spring and at 1247. 71, well above the troublesome elevation of 1240 when we start to see oxygen levels sag in the heat of summer.

KEEPING THE THEME of the Fourth of July weekend, the Statue was waving to boaters today...

In fact, looking at the buoy readings, things are looking even better than they did last June when the CBC came to town for its SoCal Regional. Water temperatures are now in the 78 to 80 degree range and the highest oxygen content is in the top three feet, but very good down to nine feet. Based on that, we’re going to go hard in the bushes at the north end and then hit the rocks and shallow sticks along the west shore.

The catfish bite has been off the hook here, and since all the species order off the same menu, we will g0 hard on the spinnerbait and take our chances.

I’ll let you know….

And here’s the deal: Just cannot find much. Partner and I had couple of bites on reaper and Road Runner, but only one carp in the boat. Got a legit flash near the surface on a spinnerbait from the Seaport brush patch, but not even a good one.

Have you thought about Diamond Valley?


6 Responses to “Risky, I know, but we’re sampling the Big ‘E’”

What’s the deepest depth in Elsinore, George?

by George Kramer

Found 24 feet today, but I think there is a hole about five feet deeper off the campground point–but it’s not very big. And certainly three bites and one carp on a Road Runner made it clear, nobody needs to come here to try and catch a bass right now. 🙁

That statue dock/boat house is one of my best spots on the lake.

George, how about an article that summarizes the history of Lake Elsinore as a fishery? I’ve only fished it a couple of times in my life, and I’m not familiar with the history of the lake.

One carp and 3 mystery bites is certainly better than the 2 diapers, 1 plastic grocery bag, and 3 Revenge spinnerbaits lost to 40lb mono and discarded barbed-wire on my last visit to Hel…I mean Elsinore! (Not kidding here either)!

Why fish that lake-lice infested aqua-slum when Skinner is on fire, DVL is biting and you have access to Canyon Lake?

I know you live there George, and regardless of what Kovach says, that place is a pit!

by George Kramer

Has its highs and lows, Stotes. Either way, it’s always a short trip. 😉