For those who compete regularly, it comes as no surprise, but recent survey results from and Southwick & Associates say it is absolutely true–tournaments are popular among anglers. In fact, the information just released suggested that “…for every one competing professional angler there are roughly nine fishermen who compete at least occasionally in amateur tournaments.”

The latest Angler Survey news release (where you can participate at times throughout the year–here) is not strictly related to bass fishing, but may help explain how tournaments and tournament results are of special interest to so much of the fishing public.

Specifically, the article pointed out, “Among those anglers who reported competing in tournaments in the past year, for every full or part-time angler that competes at the professional level, there are approximately three anglers who compete regularly in amateur tournaments and just over six who do it at least occasionally.”

Additionally, the article indicated, “Local contests have the most participants are the most participated in, probably because they are easier for more anglers to access, with 72.7 percent of tournament anglers citing their involvement in them. Thirty-five percent of all pro and amateur tournament competitors participated in regional (within state) events, 17.5 percent in state events, 14.5 percent at regional (multi-state) tournaments and only 10.1 percent in national events.”

Based on this information, a bouceback in the national and regional economies would seem to portend a bounceback in tournament participation–since the desire to compete remains strong.



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Hopefully the West will get this memo.