SAME BAIT, different retrieve can make all the difference...

Not a big thing, but like a lot of guys I’m a creature of habit out there. And when it comes to darthead fishing, I’m pretty much an 8-pound test, 1/8th-ounce Owner guy–and I pretty much always shake it. Of course, with wacky jigs and shakey and pea heads, we kind of talk ourselves into a single rhythm, unless something tips us off to do differently.

And just last week, I witnessed a very good example of the importance of “using a different retrieve.” And it wasn’t just on a fish or two, (more…)

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I know July will be busy for me. I’ve the U.S. Open preview along with the ICAST trade show in Las Vegas. But I am also looking to step into a special time machine–and a great reunion of Western tournament bass fishing: the Gathering of Silver Eagles located at the Boulder Station Resort & Casino on Friday, July 15.

Besides a nice dinner ($50) and program, with tons of historic images, plus other memorabilia, they’ll have activities starting that morning. And BTW, do you recognize anyone in this vintage photo? (more…)

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FOR THE RECORD–On the eve of the 6-hour, summer bass tournament regulations in California, I offer this updated reprise of my column that first appeared on Of course, angling larceny is where you find it.

Maybe I’d seen his rig around a few times before, I’m not sure. Could have been up around the Delta or Clear Lake, or maybe over at Castaic or was it Diamond Valley? But there he was: the Devil, himself, (more…)

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One of the most popular bass fishing sites in the country, has a bright new format and is now providing special video features–the latest being a full series with Shaw Grigsby, a Florida icon with lots of California experience as well. You might want to check in over there and see what else is going on in the cyber skies above the big, beautiful, bass fishing world by clicking (here).

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RC Series discontinued...

If I hadn’t been working on a “lure perspective” for this summer’s Silver Eagles gathering over at Lake Mead, it might not have got my attention. But in the span of a week, I had a couple of surprise, even strange news items cross my desk.

The first was the announcement that the highly successful RC Series of square-bill cranks by Lucky Craft has stopped production and will no longer be available, except for whatever inventory remains in the pipeline. (more…)

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Often spoken of as the most critical part of any angling system, the line you choose must be consistent in production and the user must be cognizant and comfortable with the line’s properties. In other words, if the line always performs the same and retains reliable measures of diameter, handling and toughness and the angler consistently fishes with these expectations and within those parameters, a lot of lines can work.

But when a touring pro finds a product that works for him–before a company even seeks him out–it sure adds to my “consumer confidence.” (more…)

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