It has a name, a logo, a television agreement and industry support and it looks to change the face of professional bass fishing. But it’s not your grandfather’s “jumpsuit” or your father’s “soundbite” fishing scene; it plans on making professional fishing truly professional–or is that truly lucrative?

For that very reason, don’t worry about writing a check for a membership. There will be no free passes for amateurs, no feeder ranks, no promotional gimmicks to boost attendance. You see, the new league already has a full field.

Call it “new era” bassing, if you will, though the likes of Jerry McKinnis at B.A.S.S. might call it “open rebellion.” After all, some of the game’s most recognized players are said to be involved–all who probably got their chance–and certainly their recognition– through the existing tournament landscape.

But what the new league players believe they have not obtained is that place where bass fishing is a recognized sport, and where its professionals are paid accordingly.

And they’re looking to change that.


5 Responses to “New bass fishing league just around the corner”

And by George only 1 Pro was invited from the entire FLW Tour field and he happens to be from So. Cal. Looking forward to this superstar series.

by George Kramer

Makes sense, with the Network so close…

This should be interesting. When is more information going to be available?

by George Kramer

What we know for sure is this made for TV series has been some two years in development. I’m sure when all the signatures are dry on all the contracts, _ _ _ will be properly announced. I suspect 2012 could see the kick-off.

by George Kramer

Update: The announcement is coming Aug. 4 on