CAN'T STICK 'EM...Everybody has their way of doing it. You want a rig that simulates the real thing you’ll be using during the game, but something that won’t hurt your chances of catching ’em when it counts.

That’s why I was glad to get a glimpse of Gary Klein in practice at the U.S. Open. On our day on the water, he pretty much stuck with what he had been doing for several days at Lake Mead, fishing a plastic worm in the back third of the way into the cuts–especially those with some heavier green stuff in the backs.

Obviously, once he got a look at the size of the fish he might find, he stopped using any hooks and went with a rig that closely matched his standard Texas rig. And while in the tournament he fished mostly a Robo “Folkestad Special” or the infamous Morning Dawn (there is no evening dawn), I didn’t have any here in my office, so I went with an old MM.

SCREW IT IN and it holds the worm tight...

Still, the concept is quite practical. One, it sets up just like a real Texas, self-weedless rig, but by the same token, by screwing it onto one of those Blakemore “Hitchhikers” it’s very hard for the biting fish to pull the worm down. This means lots of probing casts with no chance of mistakenly hooking one.

FISHES like a real Texas rig...

While we were on the water, I watched Gary “lead” half a dozen fish around with the prefish rig, and it was not that difficult to discern if the fish was a “barely,” or one that had weight and a real grab on the worm.

It was also reassuring feeling that the same rig could tell you (just by examining the worm tail) if you weren’t getting nipped by sunfish. Also, fishing a couple of these side by side with different colors, you can get a sense if they are holding on to one better than another. Same thing with size.

What’s more, the hitchhiker can also be used for a hookless drop-shot rig–which is also a big part of the clear water tournament scene.

See what you think about this.



5 Responses to “A little pre-fish trick so you don’t stick ’em”

Great info as usual, George. Nice tip!

George, what is “MM”?

Margarita Mutilator

I have a headache! I think it’s from not bass fishing for the last six weeks. I sure hope the water warms up in a hurry this spring.


by George Kramer

Can’t argue with you on that one, Bruce. Of course, here in SoCal we don’t have the extremes of the Pacific Northwest…