Just got some information from Southwick & Associates as they continue to survey fishermen around the country as to what they are doing and what they are buying, and it always clarifies a broader view of the nationwide angler as opposed to the hopeful bass guy at the local pro shop.

According to AnglerSurvey.com, when it comes to freshwater fishing, it doesn’t matter how important we might think it is to use Loomis or Dobyns, the freshwater guy will still buy more Shakespeare rods and he does it from “outdoor specialty stores,” surprisingly not the mass marketers. This buying behavior continues, just as it did last year, by the way.

As for reels (just to show the surveyed anglers actually fish) it turned out that double the number of rod buyers surveyed bought Shimano reels during the same period.

And while regionally you might expect the numbers to skew one way or the other, 55 percent of those surveyed fish for largemouth or spotted bass, so 53 percent bought soft baits (Zoom leading the way), and that Rapala topped the hardbait purchases, while Strike King led the spinnerbait buys.

And here was an interesting number. Of those surveyed last month, 59 percent bought sonar (led by Humminbird) and that more than half of those purchases were made on-line!

Of course, if you want your voice heard in these matters, it probably wouldn’t hurt to click on and take a survey or two down the road. Like here.