UPDATED, 6:37 a.m.–ARRRRrrrrraaaaaaaghhhh! Lake closed for blue-stoning. Tell me it ain’t so.

Was that a collective yawn I heard? National pros slumped in their easy chairs waiting for the next big deal; or local guys savoring their last night tournament? Skeet Reese told me I could call him “any time” same for Klein or Clunn. And yet, what am I gonna ask?

School is back in, the temperature is still pushing 100 and things are about as exciting as the Spanish soccer league going on strike. I just don’t have anything that exciting to tell you–even the Anglers Marine guys have gone to Lousiana for a week to fish for redfish!

What the heck, I’m going fishing today. By the time I get back, my Tackle Warehouse order should be in and at least I’ll have some new toys to play with.

Catch you later….


One Response to “The ‘blog dog days’ of summer…”

Hey George,
Must be time to wax the boat or organize the tackle or get caught up on that Honey-do list.