Is it just me, or does having the schools start back in August make Labor Day irrelavent? After all, doesn’t this enigmatic three-day holiday mean the end of recreational fishing in California? Or is the whole world upside down?

Across the way Lake Perris continues to allow boating until 8:30 at night, while it’s all but dark at 6 a.m. And come November, they’ll still let you out until 6:30 p.m.–which for sure is quite dark.

Hitting Lake Skinner this week, it was also pretty obvious, that only five boats on a Tuesday must portend a busy Labor Day weekend. Or else they think the fishing is bad after blue-stoning. Hmmm.

But Diamond Valley is bound to have a nice showing, even though the fishing should actually get better later in the month–we love the “bird schools.” Unfortunately, I didn’t get a call back on fishing over there, [Rick] so I guess I’ll stay closer to home.

But speaking of Diamond Valley, can anyone tell me the size of the biggest legally caught bass there since March of 2007? Four and a half years later and nothing close. Really?


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by Chris Nietzel

Not even a teen unless one of the clowns tossing trout roped one, and those idiots are more than likely to talk about it so go figure…

by Kevin Linehan

My brother Brian caught a 13.52 3 years ago.

by Chris Nietzel

Nice! I’m sure there are a few giants like that, hopefully in the next couple years there will be some pigs like that 16. Cool article in BASS about Dottie and how her growth curve was pretty unique… still makes you wonder I guess?

My buddy caught a 12 a few years ago but still 5 pounds shy of 17. With all the great fisherman that fish there day in and day out you would think some Giants would show every once in a while if they existed….I don’t think they are there.

DVL is/was a great fishery, but the place will never grow teen fish with the stripers now dominating the top of the food chain.

Give it a few years and it will be just like Silverwood, Castaic and Pyramid. Tons of jailbirds from 1-5lbs and the very rare double digit LMB…sad!

DVL could have been a contender.

So it’s BYOB? 😉

John Krumsiek had the DVL lake record of 14.75 until it was broken by Mike Long at 16.25. I agree with Greg that the Stripers will affect the Largemouth fishery.

I like it!

I think I could “handle” a bunch of 8 pounders flushing the toilet on my Fish Arrow IT-Jack of Hudd “0” in trade for one over 12. Tough call, but once stripers are added to the equation, a major reduction in lunker size in inevitable. If the stripers in there ACTIVELY hit topwaters to make up for eating all the damn forage, then it’s a “wash”, but if they don’t, then they are just tackle busting frying pan filler. What is the lake striper record so far and are they “pure” stripers, or just wanna be “whipers”??

George, that was me above. I just looked and pics show regular stripers, not “wipers” (white bass / striper hybrid). I saw someone caught a 33.27! Now that approaches a decent trade off. They will eventually eat themselves out of house and home though….

OK, I’m just jealous. I’ll just bring big string and my jointed Z-Plug and MS Slammers/Slammer snake as well. What gives with no photos on the DVL site of catches after 2008???