TROUBLE could be lurking under your prop...

The trolling motors we have today are so good compared to 10 , 20 or more years ago. The brackets, cables and inter-related systems let you weather some big waves and maneuver through some heavy green stuff. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have to pay attention to some things.

I’m talking about when plowing through the grass and it seems to take a more effort than usual. Sure, when you lift up the head and find 10 extra pounds of salad, that can be part of the problem. But sometimes the grass is hiding the real culprit.

NOT MUCH SHOWING, but line in the prop is never a good thing.

A recent foray into the thick stuff sure proved it to me. I was almost done after lunch when I thought I’d look closer at the prop. Sure enough, mono “whiskers” were signalling I wasn’t the first guy fishing my area. When I pulled off the prop–Yikes! It wasn’t just some jungle vines, I had two different pound tests strangling the shaft.

I got it taken care of, but it reminded me of something else: the risks in making that on-the-water prop check. Sure, the obvious ones: if you drop the nut or the shear pin overboard–and you don’t have a spare.

YOU CAN BARELY SEE the 'quickie' remedy holding the prop nut...

But something else too. I know this because it happened to a friend. His brand new prop and nut assembly went spinning off underwater in the first hour of fishing. Like me, he didn’t think he needed to use some Loctite Threadlocker (24 bucks for 2 ounces), and I’m still not sure you do.

MAKE YOUR OWN "nut holder" (not warranted, sorry) from stuff in the boat.

But for those to whom Murphy’s Law never fails, there is a little trick you can use that will avoid the problem. Just cut a little strip from the top of a worm bag–3/4 inch is plenty–and put it inside the nut as you re-tighten the blade. You can barely see it in the photo, and yet, it will help hold the nut from unscrewing–until the next time you’re checking behind the prop.

You have to be careful in the jungle.



6 Responses to “‘Jungle fishing’ and your trolling motor”

Too funny! I just used the worm to hold the nut thing last night attaching my license plate to my car. The screw hole was stripped so I threaded a worm onto the screw and tightened it in. Holds like a charm for now.

We’re not always “can do,” but we try alot of “make do.” 🙂


Hope the blue 40lb test with spark plug/sinker attached didn’t damage your new Motor Guide!

Last time I fished Elsi. I broke off my 2 favorite 1/2 oz Revenge blades on mono heavier than 30lb test…no joke!!


Actually, these windings were courtesy of Lake Skinner…

Shear pins on Motor Guides fit very loosely and you really need to be prepared to catch it when the prop is pulled

That is definitely good advice, Rich. The nut won’t help if the prop won’t turn under power!