NO FANCY TOOLS required on this job...

Once I was a bold and confident tinker, willing to unlock the mysteries of any piece of fishing gear with the turn of a screw. That is, until they stopped making wooden wheels and snap-on moving parts. Thus, as has been queried by others on such places as, I found myself “pedaling” in one direction, while the arrow on my trolling motor pointed elsewhere–and wondering what to do about it.

What concerned me was it was so easy to get the arrow out of alignment while pulling bushels of grass off my prop. On the other hand, reversing that maneuver was fruitless. Fortunately, there are people know about these things. In fact, I can’t tell you how many times I have called Jordan Witt (Anglers Marine) from the lake to solve assorted mechanical crises.

ALIGN THE TEETH so the arrow points the motor's direction...

JUST THREE screws...

But then, when the Techmaster was out fishing last month, I got Anglers’ tour pro Joe Uribe on the line. I told him I had lost my mojo and didn’t want to find some spring-loaded trap that would jettison all the critical parts when I opened it up. Somewhat amused, “Little Joe” assured me there would be no worries–as long as I had the MotorGuide 109 in the “down” position.

And he was quite right. Three identical Phillips head screws removed, I popped the top that exposed the nylon gear that connects to the directional arrow through the top.


Turning the gear turns the arrow, so I then lined it up with the prop, replaced the top and tightened the screws. I was back in action in a few minutes, feeling like a master technician. (Well, almost.)

Yeah, I know, guys are saying, “C’mon Kramer, you’ve done this long enough. You don’t need to see the arrow pointing to run a trolling motor.”

What they don’t know: After 40 years I still look at the keyboard when I type.


4 Responses to “EZ like they said: Fixing that arrow on my TM”

My motor guide arrow did that to me at Cachuma! But I have an old model, so all I had to do was to turn the arrow from the outside. I didn’t have to unscrew the top.

Heck George,
Even I figured that one out on my own. LOL

You still use a keyboard? You are old school!

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