Just when it appears some level of sanity has been reached with the Nov. 1 quagga inspections at lakes Pyramid and Castaic and the presumed recognition of the other’s “tags” (click here) there have been more rumors circulating about counterfeit or black market inspection tags in use at Diamond Valley Lake.

Call it pot-stirring if you like, but at least two anglers have told me that such things are actually going on. And whether it’s a case of scare tactics or someone is out there bragging about it and vying for a spot on World’s Dumbest Criminals, it could put all of us at risk. Inconvenient or not, the inspection process is the new reality in California bass fishing.

You think it couldn’t happen? Depending on where you live, there are all kinds of stories about similar abuses.

I heard of a case of sticker theft and black market distribution on one private lake in 2009. Before that, many of us remember the unauthorized use of handicap stickers by prominent football players on the UCLA campus. And who, if they ever worked in a convenience store in their life, doesn’t have a story about fake ID’s.

If you see anything like this with regard to inspection stickers, call ’em out. Something like this could kill it for all of us.