FROG FISHING, I guess...

Knowing how devious the typical bass guy can be, I got to wondering if the whole frog fishing gig was some kind of ruse–you know, like a snipe hunt. After all, most of those tournament guys would choose the Chinese water torture over telling you and me what’s working–even if it’s in Taipei.

Gosh, it must be hard for foreigners to figure out the bass-speak. Why, for instance, do die-hard, catch-and-release guys still refer to certain fish as “keepers?”

And look what they’ve done with the term “kicker.” Anyone who’s been to the National Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame knows that’s some kind of small, ancient outboard motor.

And trying to figure out the whole sonar scene? Forget about it. I’m not even going to get into a conversation about “flashers.”

Anyway, this whole frog fishing deal has got me scratching my head. The guy at the tackle shop said, “It’s no bull, these SPRO Bronze Eye’s really catch bass.”

But after today, I’m not so sure.




11 Responses to “What’s this ‘frog fishing’ deal all about?”

It really does work. At least back east.


You see? You caught a frog on your frog so now you need to cast that to a big bass!

When real frogs are chasing fake frogs, it means that they are not afraid of getting eaten themselves. This leads me to conclude that there are no bass around looking for frogs to eat. At this point I will either try another spot or start using something else, like a swimbait. 😉

by Terry Battisti

That’s a TOAD GK!! 🙂


It was, Terry. Another kind of trip and it would have been a “keeper.” 😉

What kind of frog is that? The real one, not the lure!

I’m no herpetologist, but I presume that is an American bullfrog.

Ewwww…did you touch it to take it off your lure? I hope you wore gloves! You’re the only person I’ve heard of who had caught a real frog on a fake frog.

Bassin8r, on the contrary sir, while I do agree they “know” to a degree where the bass position themselves, those mats are EXACTLY where I start working my frogs. Eventually, when you get to a spot with a little deeper water, KABOOOOOSH. Just two weeks age I had bullfrogs on my left(and across the small canal), and I hooked 8 bass out of 12 blowups to my right. Just 12 feet apart, the frogs had 4 inches of water under them, and the bass were in 12 to 30 inches of water. The biggest was 5lb 4 oz. I love it when the bullfrogs attack my bait, I try not to hook them, but they are so aggressive they often hook themselves.

Good to know Alex. I have not had the same success as you have when frogs are attacking my frog. Most times when I am around real frogs, I do not get any of the blow ups I am trying for. I will try to keep a more open mind about fishing around them the next time I am out. I have caught more than a few bullfrogs on fake frogs. You just have to fish them slowly so the real frog has time to find the fake.
When I was growing up we would fish lilly pads with unweighted Mann’s Stingray grubs and catch bullfrogs until the golf course opened and they chased us off, lol.