I hear ’em crying over a new $3 fee for tagging boats at Diamond Valley Lake, Oct. 1–and I’m buying some ear plugs. The errant and fruitless assailing of “California government” over this new charge tells me the folks don’t get the Water Bully. Does anyone comprehend the power of Metropolitan Water District and how tenuous the life of recreation on their reservoirs?

Here’s a cheap, Wiki explanation of special districts, of which is the MWD is a monstrous one and why you can complain all you want, and it will make no difference.

Read it: “Special-purpose districts or special district governments in the United States are independent governmental units that exist separately from, and with substantial administrative and fiscal independence from, general purpose local governments such as county, municipal, and township governments.”

They don’t answer to anyone. There is no due process. And when push comes to shove, they always tell the Legislature “safe water” is all they care about. Sure, it’s bogus (name the last time there was a health issue with California drinking water). But be happy with the $6 a weekend outlay. MWD may soon figure out they (or its lessees) can charge 10 bucks for a tag!


4 Responses to “$3 tag fee? You can fight City Hall; not MWD”

I’ve never been to Diamond Valley Lake. Besides the $3.00 tagging, how much does it cost to get in?

For one angler, $7 park entry, $3 fishing fee, $12 launch–if your boat passes inspection. Tagging is for your return trip when you don’t go to any other lake. Otherwise you just get reinspected after 7 days or whatever the quarrantine period is officially.

Okay, so they’re right in line with their entry fees as compared to Castaic, Piru, and Pyramid. Thanks, George

Of course, it’s a bit higher than Lake Skinner: $6 vehicle entry, $4 fishing permit, $2 launch fee.