WHO HAS A CHANCE for the Top 40?

The 25th annual Bass-A-Thon coming up this fall and Rick Grover’s can’t-miss event will again coincide with the release of the annual, California Top 40 Bass Anglers list.

But expect a shake-up this time around as I will be taking a hard look at current and past performances, and spending a lot more time looking for hidden gems and under-publicized fishermen.

Frankly, in spite of lobbying on behalf of anglers from numerous locations, I’m giving the boot to a number of guys who have been riding their reputations like a loose hood ornament. And for that matter, if any questions about current or past performances of the potential candidates cast “reasonable doubt” about  being included on the list, they won’t.

As in the past, all anglers must be at least part-time residents of California and there are no limitations regarding gender, race nor any stipulations about the number of candidates from one family.

However, if you have failed a lie-detector test, declined to take one to clear up a matter, been repeatedly cited for DFG violations, or are friends with anyone on the board of governors of the Metropolitan Water District, you have almost no chance of making the list.

Just thought I’d let you know.


One Response to “Shake-ups expected for 2011 Top 40 list”

Always interesting… One angler that you might want to consider this year (actually last three years…) Nor Cal – Delta angler Mark Daniels Jr.; Team Champ in 3-4 different seris, several FLW top tens, and just won the Federation derby. Plus, one of the best personalities on tour (see RippnLipps.com videos). Luv this guy!!! Stats don’t lie!!! TOP TEN all the way…