We all remember when Skeet Reese was hot as a sidewalk in Death Valley and his endorsement of the surgically sharpened Trokar hooks was all the buzz. Well now, with Reese getting ever smaller in the rear-view mirrors of the top Elites, it might be affecting some of the products he endorses.

Anyway, that’s one guess of why Trokar is surgically trimming its prices.

An announcement I just got says that as of today (Oct. 15) the 2011 retail packages of these hooks “will see a 30% price reduction.” By the company’s estimate that means “all Lazer TroKar hooks will be available at retailers and online around $7.”

Of course, the manufacturer didn’t blame Skeet for dragging down sales like a 4-ounce egg sinker. Specifically, the release from Matt Gray at Eagle Claw notes, “Due to the introductions of technologically advanced machineries, reduced packaging components and increased production, we are able to reduce the per unit manufacturing cost of TroKar hooks.”

So yeah, that too.


3 Responses to “Trokar Hooks surgically reduces retail pricing”

the glass is half full, i believe them.

Ahh.. I saw the same verbiage on the sign that was in the middle of the Bass Pro Shops bargain bin for other fishing tackle as well. heheh

Honestly, I think the guys at Trokar were having a beer one night and said: “I bet we can actually get people to buy ONE hook for the same price they pay for an ENTIRE PACK of hooks.”

Scary to think they succeeded for awhile….