RECOGNIZE any of those rigs?

Word has escaped that the treasure that was to have been the printed documentary “program” on western bass tournaments (put on hold with the death of former WBFA and WON Bass director Harvey Naslund) will soon become available to the public, by way of

The limited-edition collectors’ item features 60 pages on “glossy” paper and chronicles the roots of the tournament game we enjoy today.

Contributors include Bill Rice, Larry Viviano, Fred Ward, Craig Sutherland, Bill Hutcheson, Rich Holland, Bill Mays and yeah, I too had the pleasure to produce a couple of articles as well.

This should be one of those items that ends (or maybe starts) all arguments on how it was in the formative years of bass fishing in the western states. The photos themselves are priceless images of “the way we were” and the equipment we used.  I’m thinking the program’s release perfectly fits the gift-giving season–and will warm any veteran bass angler.

HE WAS A FORCE from Northern California, remember?

Although in the final proof stages as of this writing, it sounds like you should be checking for announcements in the coming weeks. The price is going to be around $25 with shipping, plus tax. (I’m sure they’ll add it up for you.)

And there’s more! (Had to say that.) From what I’ve learned, the first 200 orders will also include a CD with two hours worth of additional historic photos, plus a souvenir patch and decal that were to be part of the Silver Eagles’ reunion dinner that was cancelled at Naslund’s passing.

Be watching.



4 Responses to “Soon: A rare collectible of western bass fishing”

I’m sorry to read about Harvey Naslund, a truly unsung pioneer of bass fishing. Nice to see the issue of this program – it’s about time something like this was made available.

So George, when are you going to write the definitive history of western bass fishing? When you look back over the years at all the various innovations that have come from the west, whether they be techniques, tackle, fisheries management, etc, and the bodies of water and cast of characters, somebody needs to tell the story and tell it right.

And you’re it!

Well, cc, I appreciate your confidence, but maybe we should wait and see how the “program” looks. It’s possible to hit some of the highlights, but there are a thousand stories of a thousand guys–and a thousand stories behind those stories. Someone needs to put a dictaphone in front of those last survivors of the earlier era and hope the historically-minded can collect enough to recreate the reality of it all.

C.C. is correct. You are the guy.

Yes, George, you’re the guy who should write the book! I’ll buy one! I’m going to buy one of the programs as well!