Sometimes you just have to feature a commercial. But after spending several days on the water with Sunline pro Dean Rojas, it made it even more evident to me why Dean and the rest of the pro staff are so confident these days. They don’t worry about their line.

You pick the situation or the technique, whether it requires braid, mono or fluorocarbon, and Sunline is a moneymaker.

But yeah, when you’re trying to find a new line that is right for your game, it’s kind of scary forking out cash for the “unknown.” So, this is the perfect time for you. Right now (and I checked around online) Sunline is offering a true 2 for 1 promotion on spools 330 yards or less, depending on the specific product.

That means you can get Super Natural (mono), Super (fluoro) Super Sniper (premium fluoro) and FX2 (8-strand braid) for the same deal; buy one, get the second spool free.

Really, I’m not making this up.



One Response to “Sunline sale satisfies skeptical samplers”

Thanks, George! I’m always looking for a good deal on tackle, and two for the price of one is always a good deal!