What? What, what, what, what, what, whaaaat!

Had a little recent trauma on the home front (someone’s pit bulls loose in my yard) and it kind of knocked me out of my writer mode. So please humor me and see if you can identify some things about this photo. But no, I’m not going to ask you what brand of boat it is.

And here are some clues. Note the algae growth, stained water and flooded green cover. Also, the angler has some blood red fishing rods. Curious.

But how about answering the following:

A. What lake is this?
B. What area of the lake is it?
C. Who is the angler?

And if we need a tie-breaker: What direction is the boat pointed?

So thanks for playing.


10 Responses to “Know your landmarks? Tell me about this photo”

It’s a Skeeter!


No Idea

Dean Rojas

Good Day George !

1. Lake Havasu
2. Castle Rock (above main lake)
3. Dean Rojas
4. North, East

Drat.. new answer (if permitted)

1. Lake Mead
2. Government Wash
3. Dean Rojas
4. North, West

I permit new answers right or wrong… 😉 Oh, and Jody is quite correct!

Vegas Wash-Lake Mead-Dean Rojas

1st guess…..

Mr plum with the fishing rod in the kitchen by the refridgerator heading north!

2nd guess…Old photo (only rojas and murray have calves like that!)

John Murray
up the river
heading north!

1. Lake Mead
2. Trick question, to the left of this formation is the muddy river
and to the right it’s the virgin river. Both of which are in the
Overton arm.
3. Mr. Dean Rojas
4. North

Or lake mead, grand wash, dean rojas, north

by George Kramer

Rick only knows because Kyle fished there once…:-) It’s not Lake Tahoe?