LOOKING to get back out there...

UPDATED (photo) 3:30 p.m.–I was sure I’d be on the lake this morning so I put all the broken eggs in one basket. As you can guess, sometimes there just isn’t enough ingredients to make an egg roll.

One thing I can tell you, the list of potential Top 40 candidates is starting to shrink. There are about 62 names on it as of today and the official release is set for Monday, Nov. 7 here.

There will also be a “hard copy” available at this year’s Bass-A-Thon (it’ll be in the printed program), that’s why I have to get it done a bit earlier than I planned.

REPLACEMENT secured...

WHAT’S THAT? From the category of small things you really don’t want to lose, I had to replace this thing in my rig. I know I had one at some point in the last 12 months because I had some fish in the box I wanted to photograph. But somehow, this innocuous livewell plug went down the drain, blew out or I threw the darn thing away.

Fortunately, Anglers Marine sells Nitros, so they had the bugger. (Now there’s a shameless plug!)

THE LETTER was a surprise...

IN THE AFTERMATH of that bit of career recognition I got last month, most of my sons got together to take their old man out to dinner–and we talked about all the fun things they are doing. However, as even more evidence that it “is what it is,” this Hall of Famer spent the weekend doing yardwork and cleaning up after the pets. And as a capper, I will be passing out Halloween candy by myself tonight.

SMALL CELEBRATION was big for me.

However, one thing I also discovered (which might be good to know when it comes to surprising your better half or favorite squeeze) when you get something cool from the letter carrier, it may not arrive as fast, but it’s way better than an email.

Just a thought.


7 Responses to “Splish-splash, mish-mash on a Monday…”

Very cool George. Now you are a certified success. Rock on!

Hey George! Congrats! That is so cool and your are highly deserving of the title of Hall of Famer! ~ Tami Curtis

Congratulations. I can’t think of a more deserving writer to get this award. Just be thankful that it’s not like many other sports where you have to be retred or dead to make it into the Hall of Fame!

You never seem to run out of great stories to tell and you will no doubt continue to be among the best columnist in the entire fishing industry. I’m always proud to point out that you started out and worked at WON for many years, and that you played a large role not only in WON BASS and as a columnist for WON, but also as a full time WON staffer.

Congrats George!!
Well Deserved!!

Now Lets go Fishin!! Anywhere but elsie!! Hahaha!!

Isn’t it strange…you get inducted into the Freshwater Hall of Fame, a great honor, and well deserved…BUT you still have to complete all of the “Honey do’s”!

Congrats, George!

Congratulations George! Well deserved!!
Guy williams

by George Kramer

Thanks to all. :-)Much appreciated. Now back to work.