MIKE HART in 2009...

Of course, I guessed wrong on the verdicts in both the O.J. and Casey Anthony trials, but from what I can gather, Mike Hart (accused of fraud for adding weights to his daily U.S. Open catches in 2010) will not face the kind of retribution widely being called for on the web.

And that’s not all that speculative on my part.

Despite the outrage being voiced on the matter, the recently published December 16 “court date” is likely a preliminary hearing only, and that’s where you can expect a plea bargain of some kind.

According to my sources in Nevada, (more…)

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UPDATED, 1:45 p.m.–They say change is good. But sometimes change is disappointing. For instance, I just got word that Jon Storm, seven years the Editor-in-Chief at Bassfan.com, has returned to the West, a region where he previously served as Editor for Bass West Magazine, among other stops in his 15-year career. (For the record, Jon called and he will stay in New York).

His destination: the new, (more…)

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MAYBE we call it Rocky's Pt...

I know the Isabella Lake map says “Rocky Point” but forgive the Brown family of Tustin if they don’t see it quite that way. That’s because just a few days ago–on “Black Friday” of all misnomers–guide Rusty Brown put his father, Rocky, on a career best–14.51 pounder on that storied spot.

So, you can’t really blame the family if around the dinner table, they’r now calling that structure “Rocky’s Point.”

Indeed, as a fall tradition, father and son have been visiting the lake regularly and this is the third bass over 13 pounds to hit their scale (more…)

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NICHOLAS JOHNSON'S 5 1/2-pounder...

UPDATED 11-20 (added photo)–Wanted to share a shot of a 5 1/2-pound largemouth taken on a Shad Rap before Thanksgiving, but it hasn’t arrived yet. The son of William Johnson (the boat rental guy at West Marina) got it casting in the marina when the bait was working–and it was then released.

However, I can still tell you this. The City has applied to the DFG for a permit to stock (more…)

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Like the results or not, the Top 40 Bass Anglers List is the most talked about blog topic every year on this site. From it’s unveiling each fall in time for the Bass-A-Thon at Anglers Marine in Anaheim and for a couple of subsequent weeks, it leads all topics in the number of website “hits.” This year, some of that conversation was captured by freelance writer and San Francisco Examiner contributor, Jody Only, who covered the Bass-A-Thon. See her video here.

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NICE FISH, Justin...

I know the answer to this one already…but is it me or is it true that nobody really cares about smallmouth bass?

Except for that little flurry of studly, hybrid-looking bronze fish out of Lake Pardee (where despite genetics the smallies look like spots and the spotted bass look like largemouth) the California record story of 9.83 pounds is already covered in dust.

The world record smallie isn’t faring any better. In fact, other than maybe it’s size–11 pounds, 15 ounces–who can tell me (more…)

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When I look at the hot topics around the sport from access to water use to trick new rigging, despite the impact on engines among boat owners, ethanol-laced fuel, especially the E15 version, just don’t hold our interest. Nonetheless, since it’s been shown that ethanol is problematic, at least we should know that the boating industry is concerned enough to keep tabs on the matter. (more…)

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A KEEPSAKE photo with Bill Dance could be a treasure...

UPDATED: I missed the late news, Bill Dance is down with back problems (probably for carrying the sport of bass fishing for so many decades) and will not make it. But you know, the show will go on! All the best, Bill.

Targeting this Saturday (Nov. 19), the first day of the 2011 Bass-A-Thon, I’m looking forward to an historic visit. After all, this is the 25th edition of Rick Grover’s Anglers Marine bass gathering, and the headliners and guests, plus so many tackle items to tease you, make this the perfect weekend destination.

Of course, that means there are lots of reasons to attend the free event (well, no cover charge, but I can never get out of there for free), but three things have really caught my attention; these are opportunities you just can’t miss: (more…)

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In case you haven’t heard, one interesting consequence of the Alabama rig’s big splash on the national tournament scene is that the orginator of that weight-with-five-leads harness has gone corporate–specifically to Mann’s Bait Co. The text of today’s press release from Mann’s says in part: (more…)

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The Top 40 always raises questions, so maybe I should explain:

“The computer rankings percentage is calculated by dropping the highest and lowest rankings for each…then dividing the remaining total by 100, the maximum possible points.” Beyond that, as a matter of clarification, “Each…receives 1-25 points in reverse order of the way they are ranked.”

Sound familiar? Well, actually, (more…)

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