In case you haven’t heard, one interesting consequence of the Alabama rig’s big splash on the national tournament scene is that the orginator of that weight-with-five-leads harness has gone corporate–specifically to Mann’s Bait Co. The text of today’s press release from Mann’s says in part:

Slick Lures, LLC, the owner and developer of The Alabama rig®, and  Mann’s Bait Company Inc. have concluded an agreement which designates Mann’s as  the sole and exclusive licensee for the manufacture, marketing and sale of The
Alabama Rig® to the fishing tackle trade.

Andy Poss, the inventor of The Alabama Rig®, explained “It was vitally important to our company and to the long term success of The Alabama  Rig® to affiliate with a high profile company having a widely recognized brand hroughout the fishing tackle industry. In these uncertain times, we are particularly pleased to be able to partner with a company that is committed to making 100% of its products in the U.S.A.”

As we know, California DFG regulations here don’t allow a 5-lure arrangement, so the impact of this business arrangement is less in the West. There are, of course, several harness rigs just being introduced with the ability to use the state limit 3-lure limit and probably others to fit whatever other state mandate might be in place.

As for any ethical or competitive issues with the multi-bait rig, those remain in the hands of the tournament organizations or clubs. As to the possibility of “imitations,” no one would be surprised if more of them show up on the market.



4 Responses to “A-Rig: Bam! From garage to corporate”

I think three versions will be available at the BAT this weekend.

I think there ought to be a prize for the guy who buys the most. 😉

I attached 3 chatter baits to mine but lost 3 fillings cranking it in.

Back to the drawing board.

I attached 3 chatter baits to mine but lost 3 fillings cranking it in.
lol, John