When I look at the hot topics around the sport from access to water use to trick new rigging, despite the impact on engines among boat owners, ethanol-laced fuel, especially the E15 version, just don’t hold our interest. Nonetheless, since it’s been shown that ethanol is problematic, at least we should know that the boating industry is concerned enough to keep tabs on the matter. And one thing you should know is isobutanol is being given serious consideration as an alternative.

While the technical nature of any scientific testing is not as exciting as how many swimbaits you can attach or how much water they intend to draught from the Delta, the National Marine Manufacturers Association thinks enough of the ethanol question to share the latest data with the trade, noting their hopefulness it will be handled in a manner that will neither damage our equipment nor make new boat-buyers hesitant to take the risk.

Here’s what the NMMA had to say, as published on BoatingIndustry.com. Yes, there are some links and some are extensive, but still it might be wise to get familiar with the information.

And in the meantime, talk to your authorized service tech about fuel additives, especially if don’t run your boat as often during the winter.