MAYBE we call it Rocky's Pt...

I know the Isabella Lake map says “Rocky Point” but forgive the Brown family of Tustin if they don’t see it quite that way. That’s because just a few days ago–on “Black Friday” of all misnomers–guide Rusty Brown put his father, Rocky, on a career best–14.51 pounder on that storied spot.

So, you can’t really blame the family if around the dinner table, they’r now calling that structure “Rocky’s Point.”

Indeed, as a fall tradition, father and son have been visiting the lake regularly and this is the third bass over 13 pounds to hit their scale in the last four years.

In this case, the elder Brown (an old classmate of mine from Tustin High, I might add) made the catch on a 12-inch plastic worm, reportedly about 9:15 in the morning.

Of course I’m happy for the Rock. But the catch is really a testament to their dedication. Rusty said they fished five full days and caught 17 bass, mostly in the 3- to 4-pound class. But obviously, they stayed long enough to rename a landmark.



5 Responses to “Isabella landmark getting a ‘new’ name?”

Nice one! Go Rock!

Could not have happened to a more deserving, wonderful father-son team!! These gentlemen are the “real deal”. Way to go Rocky!! I think the lake structure name change will last!

PS: Cool website George!!

Awesome job Rocky! Yo Adrian that’s a toad!

What a toad! Must be a Tiller thing

Way to go, neighbor! I was envious listening to you talk about fishing Isabella after the BassAThon; now I am really jealous.

The last time I fished “Rocky’s Point” was in 1984 in a snowstorm! The bass were munching jigs pretty good despite the snow.

Marc Marcantonio