NICHOLAS JOHNSON'S 5 1/2-pounder...

UPDATED 11-20 (added photo)–Wanted to share a shot of a 5 1/2-pound largemouth taken on a Shad Rap before Thanksgiving, but it hasn’t arrived yet. The son of William Johnson (the boat rental guy at West Marina) got it casting in the marina when the bait was working–and it was then released.

However, I can still tell you this. The City has applied to the DFG for a permit to stock both largemouth and wipers here at Lake Elsinore. Though the DFG has yet to approve, it’s good to know the interest is still running strong to enhance the fishery.

And it makes sense. With the brand new marina progressing along at the city campground, the city would like to offer the “whole package” here.

Likewise, the DFG has not stopped its effort of transplanting largemouth into the 3400 acre natural lake. Recently staff rescued another half dozen fish from a spot where they would otherwise be lost for good. It’s not a lot of fish, but the near half-pounders have a fighting chance to get through the late-arriving winter.

As I hear more, I’ll let you know.


2 Responses to “Thinking ‘more bass’ for Lake Elsinore”

good to know there is still interest in the lake. also good to hear that a 5+ # fish has been caught recenty.

Very nice bass.