UPDATED, 1:45 p.m.–They say change is good. But sometimes change is disappointing. For instance, I just got word that Jon Storm, seven years the Editor-in-Chief at Bassfan.com, has returned to the West, a region where he previously served as Editor for Bass West Magazine, among other stops in his 15-year career. (For the record, Jon called and he will stay in New York).

His destination: the new, Sherman Oaks-based website, Fishhound.com, a national, even international site that features a paid membership for fish reports and other benefits, however, it is a departure for Storm since his new gig is not exclusive to bass fishing. (In fact, I was just alerted,  fishhound.com has a basic membership where there is no charge.)

According to the latest news release, Jon will serve as “Content Director,” a title which sounds self-explanatory, but which could mean just about anything. With regard to Bassfan.com, his departure may not bode well for western bass fishing coverage, as Storm almost single-handedly interjected western relevance to the national website.

According to Fishhound CEO Richard Marks, the new company has a rather audacious vision.  Specifically he was quoted as saying, “Our plan is to move the entire industry forward by leveraging our local market presence to connect anglers with brands, businesses and localized content.”

For his part, Storm appears to have bought into the program. He was quoted as saying, “I joined Fishhound because I recognized that the next revolution in fishing media has arrived… and now I’ve been hired to spearhead an aggressive push into high-end, micro-targeted content.”

We’ll just have to wait and see how the image of western fishing fares in the aftermath.

BTW: Bassfan.com may have an opening or part-time openings in the wake of Storm’s absence.




One Response to “Surprise! Jon Storm out at BassFan.com”

So right George, Jon has been a vocal presence on the national scene for western fishermen. I know Jon will do a tremendous job at his new position, and I wish him the best!