A TAILSPIN scored a few bites near the bottom and at mid depths...

Before the latest storm arrived, at the invitation of guide Alan Clowers I got an opportunity to get a winter look at Lower Otay. And though the bite was not at a peak of a few days earlier, it was good to see water at a lower latitude than here in the IE. And one thing was for sure, much of the activity was in 30 to 50 feet of water.

Alan, who goes by Captain Clowers (click here) and sometimes gets overlooked as a bass guide since he also does the San Diego saltwater deal in his bigger boat, has 20 plus years on the San Diego lakes and has a nice fishing platform and the big screen electronics.

According to him, the bass were much more mobil on Saturday, so the best fish came early when he was tossing a swimbait in the Otay Arm.

SWIMBAITS can produce a bigger bite early, as the Captain shows...

After quite a bit of screen watching, it seemed you had to find a pack of fish that would stay under the cone for a drop or two. The shad were in the heaviest concentrations just inside the mouth of Harvey Arm and north of the Rockpile. In fact, in places the bait was so thick, the birds didn’t have to work for their meals, and a few times, the bass even came up and boiled in the 54-degree water.

THESE FISHERMEN got in on the breaking fish in Harvey Arm...

How that changes will be the concern of fishermen this week and next weekend, if the nights stay cold. However, it’s safe to say, it might be good to have your ice jigs, tail-spins and spoons, plus an 8-inch swimmer, if you’re going to put in the time.

If you plan on fishing the reeds or rockpiles, it’s a little tougher grind. “Conventional” Otay fishing was tougher, and in one club tournament Saturday it took 10 pounds to win, somewhat indicative of the bite if you don’t find a kicker.



3 Responses to “Otay visit: Some hours with Capt. Clowers”

Captain Clowers is good angler and a great person! Good job, Captain!

That is me netting a 4 pounder for my buddy. Our clubs winning weight was 19.6 pounds all caught shallow. Another guy had a 9.6 also caught shallow. Seems that a few days of steady weather moved some fish up.

Good job. Obviously, I missed one of the weigh-ins. I do have a great sequence of your action. 🙂