ROCK THE HOUSE: Habitat added to Elsie courtesy M.S. Inspections...

UPDATED (correction and new photos) Dec. 15–While I’ve been waiting for the weather to clear a little so I could get back on the mountain and get some photos of the new city marina construction, I did get a message and a photo of a little habitat being added at Lake Elsinore. According to the DFG, some authorized building materials were delivered by truck.

The note stated, “Mark Seman Inspections [officially M.S. Inspections] donated some habitat to our office for fish habitat.  Today [Dec. 13] , with the help of Lake Elsinore crewmembers, the Department was able to put in the approximately 6.5 ft x 5 ft x 2.5 ft of riprap fish habitat into Lake Elsinore.  The habitat was sunk in 9 feet of water at a designated area set by the city.” (Note Mark is an avid bass fishermen and interested in the condition of the natural lake).

THE NEW ramp is graded and awaiting the concrete panels...

It should be noted that one of the concerns here has been sufficient habitat in areas when the lake level is below its higher levels. With the lake currently at 1245.19, that means that today’s rock cover would still have been in approximately 4 feet of water in April of 2009. The lake reached a level of 1249.11 in April of 2011, which would have put the cover in almost 13 feet of water.

THE LAKE was dammed around the area before construction the new ramp could be started...

As yet, I have heard no official word on whether the city has received a DFG permit to stock bass (and wipers) but the City Council has already approved $25,000 to spend on those fish.

As for the launch ramp construction, the process included damming off the lake around the old state park ramp, tearing it out and then grading for the new surface. The entire marina upgrade should be complete sometime in the spring. The new photos are courtesy of the City of Lake Elsinore Lake, Parks & Recreation Dept.





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With the Christmas season here, would DFG/Lake Elsinore accept Christmas Trees (without flocking), to be donated with cylinder blocks attached in the way they would require?

They used this method in the backwaters of the Colorado with great success…and it’s a good way to reuse these $50 trees we all buy.

I’ll ask the city and the DFG, Chad.

by Stephen Zuloaga

My dad once told me that back in the 80’s there was a lake that accepted Christmas trees with the cylinder blocks on them. Guess they did that for every other year for maybe 5 years then stopped. That would make some nice habitat!

I don’t recall that (and I’ve lived here since ’81) because the lake flooded back then, split the city in half and took out 600 or so structures–it was that high. However, today there may be some environmental issues to overcome; that’s why I’m waiting to hear back.

by Stephen Zuloaga

I don’t believe it was Elsinore. I think it was a lake up near Napomo, CA. I will have to ask him exactly what lake it was.

I remember the same thing in the late 80’s, early 90’s…was it Perris or Skinner?

Perris collected trees and dropped them…which then showed up high and dry when the water was lowered to work on the dam. Elsinore has done Christmas tree structures but only in the last 10 years or so. More recently they dropped orange tree structures with the help of the Lake Elsinore Bass Club and the city. However, the tree deal could happen again…

We have shipped numerous orders of our artificial fish habitat structures to your area. Have you fished over any of these types of habitat? They could easily be moved as water levels rise and fall without ever losing any algae or shape over time.

Honestly don’t know if they were yours or not. Frankly, most of the fish I’ve caught are in the high oxygen zones, less than 4 feet, brush or rock.