Bill Mays, the amicable and highly capable photographer and reporter for WON Bass pro ams in the North has been replaced, I learned today. Mays, a former NASCAR West photog as well as noted waterfowling writer, got his walking papers this morning.

Mays first came onto the scene while I was still covering the annual U.S. Open events and Mike Kennedy was the tournament director. Mays proved to be both energetic and innovative, getting shots from many angles and perspectives for the tournament and also creating a U.S. Open backdrop for weigh-in photos.

In an apparent cost-cutting move, Mays will be replaced by Jody Only, an avid videographer and outdoor writer with connections to the San Francisco Examiner. Ironically, she is also editorial coordinator for, the Magazine. Only will be on duty in January when the WON Bass Tour visits Lake Shasta.

Mays will not be totally out of the writing scene. He told me he was still in line to write the popular bass angler Pro-Files and contribute material to the flagship Western Outdoor News.