I’m always amazed at how fast the year comes to an end and in the case of California, that means that fishing license you bought way back is only good for one more trip–today.

The good news, you really don’t have to drive around looking for a place that carries them as we did in years past. Back in the day every tackle store might carry them and then the state made it more difficult for that. Then delivery of materials and stamps was irregular and you didn’t know if you had to go one place for the base license and somewhere else for the stamps. Finally, only the big sporting goods stores chains or Wal-Mart, along with a few specialty fishing shops.

But now, like the rest of our shopping world, you can get a fishing license online–in California, right here. I got mine the week before Christmas and it came in the mail two days later. Even this late in the year, yours should come by return mail in plenty of time for next weekend’s outing.

Of course, if you’re fishing Lake Mead, you don’t have to buy one yet. The Nevada license year runs from the first day of March to the last day in February of the following year, but it’s not available online. However, if you got yours for the U.S. Open back in July (where you also needed the Nevada Colorado River Stamp) you get a bonus–it’s Leap Year–you get to fish until Feb. 29.

Regardless, don’t get caught without yours.


4 Responses to “Saturday the last day for your 2011 license”

When you buy your license online, there is an option to print out a temporary license that you can use right away while your permanent one is in process. I usually get my permanent one within a week. It’s so much more convenient to get your license online.

You are correct, Darlene. Thank you!

Happy New Year, George!

Oh, and for Nevada, (US Open) you can download the license application online, fill it out and mail it in. You don’t have to wait until you get to Vegas, find a retail store, or go to the Nevada License office to get your license.