Some days are like that.

As I pulled the rig down the street this morning, I had to wait as “Blackie” our American shorthair dallied in front of me. When I got to the stop sign at the end of the block, I decided I better look things over.

On the gunnel, my new Canon teetered on the gelcoat–right where I left it–by my cell phone, which had slid on the carpet to the edge of the splashwell. When I started to climb back into the cab, a little gust of wind spun some dust and bits of debris up in my face, but, wouldn’t you know it? It left a 20-dollar bill wedged against the wheel cover!

When I got to the gate at the lake, the ranger told me I was the “one millionth customer” to visit the park and took my picture with the County Supervisor and even waived my launch fees. When I got to the ramp, they had a couple of trustees put me in the water, park my truck and bring my keys.

Since I wasn’t sure what the bite was like, when I pulled up to my favorite stretch of shoreline I got out several rods, including one with a jig still tied on from the last trip. I must have accidentally kicked that one because while I was drifting and pulling off the Stick Jackets, I noticed a line dragging in the water behind me. In fact, the spool was all the way to the knot!

I picked it up, turned the handle and started to wind it in quickly so I could get to my best spot, but the line got heavy. When I realized what was happening, I pulled back, and muscled a 10-pound, 6-ouncer to the boat and lipped that baby!

Needless to say, I didn’t want to push my luck so I came in early today, weighed and released the fish and wiped down the boat. But when I got back to the gate, the lady there flagged me down–to tell me she had picked up my wallet that I must have dropped with all the hoopla in the morning.

Anyway, I’m almost home so I’m posting this with my new iPhone and, what the hey? There’s a bunch of strange people in my front yard…it looks like the guys from Publishers Clearing House!



10 Responses to “What did you say the date was today?”

I always thought of this as a day which brings bad luck day, maybe you can begin to change the people’s perception with this experience!

oh wait, I just spilled my water in my lap trying to submit this comment…jk

by Michael Jones

They’re not from Publisher’s Clearing House if it says “Riverside County Sheriff” on the back of their windbreakers.

by George Kramer

Gulp! 😉

by Michael Kramer

Sounds like an interesting day! The Sheriff’s Department must of had the wrong house…

George, It is nice to know you caught something besides all your dinks. Another accident sounds familiar…

LOL, George! You give new meaning to the words, “bad luck”! Congrats on being the one millionth customer! Wow! You really made out like a bandit today! No launch fees, found a twenty dollar bill, caught a lunker, and had your wallet returned! Now all you need is a shower and a nice hot meal. Life is good and it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.



by George Kramer

What is that, Rich, the Mayan Calendar they’re using in Paso Robles? 😉

April fools article that couldn’t wait for the calendar ….?