MORE COVER still being collected...

Sure, there were a few impressive bass catches in 2011, but if you take the 12 months combined, nobody was going to be booking trips here instead of Lake Amistad. However, you’ve got to hand it to the DFG and the City of Lake Elsinore–they are still working to improve things.

As reported previously, we know there is $25,000 earmarked for bass and wiper stocking in 2012 (the latter for better keeping carp fry and shad numbers in check), however, other efforts continue. A little habitat here, a little habitat there–and of course, the work on the new ramp and marina at the City Campground keeps moving toward a May completion.

MARINA WORK includes concrete ramp and raising the ground above the waterline...

Although the concrete sections are hoisted in place by a crane, the truly impressive work is the raising of the shoreline elevation from the water’s edge to the campround. The streets connecting the north end of the lake with the wetlands at the extreme south end have been busy for a couple of months as haulers bring material to the marina site.

As for the hab work, it continues with little fanfare as environmentally approved materials are collected from various sites and “planted” by work crews. The occasional new structure spot on sonar, or new hang-up for your crankbait is not a bad thing.

A FEW Christmas trees went in last week...

The only unfortunate note is that Lake Elsinore’s “personal” DFG biologist, Ben Ewing, who has spent a good portion of his time in Region 6 at the natural lake, will be transferring to Northern California in a couple of weeks. As tough as the eons-old, natural basin is to assess and effect measurable change in the fishery, Ewing never blinked.

Here’s wishing him well in his new assignments.



2 Responses to “Even after poor 2011, local efforts undaunted”

Where did thay put the habitats and trees? We could use lots of trees.

by George Kramer

In general terms, the south end dike coves, I believe. I wasn’t there.