In what was a pivotal event for anglers in Southern California (or other distant reaches) the hill got suddenly steeper as the “locals” dominated the top 40 spots in the standings at Lake Shasta, which finishes up today with the final 10. You might argue some are not “next door” close to the big reservoir, but I count 30 of the top 40 anglers with Upstate addresses. And of those 10 outsiders, several are far out–as in Washington, Nevada and Arizona.

The only compelling story I see is if Matt Newman (once of Casitas fame) can pull out a couple of those 4- to 5-pound spots from of his shared waters (reportedly with Zack Thompson). A win could make Newman relevant again after a couple of bleak competitive seasons.

Of course, this is what “tour fishing” is about. Rarely does the train stop at your favorite restaurant. But with such a whitewash of the veteran SoCals, any survivors will not only need to “get back in it” with a good showing at Lake Havasu, they will have to battle head-to-head with NorCal favorites down the stretch. The final two EverStart stops are at the Delta and Clear Lake.

True, half of Shasta’s top 10 aren’t likely to scare anyone on the Colorado River (even if they make the trip) but by scoring points and returning to more familiar waters for the final two events suggests, they (and even some of the North’s “name” players who had disappointing finishes in the opener) still have room for error. I don’t think that’s true for the LoCals.

One thing is for sure. With the compressed schedule this year (it’s all over before May), we’ll know that much quicker if they crown another new Angler of the Year.


2 Responses to “NorCals ‘hold serve’ in Everstart opener”

Sounds like the A-rig had a role in this one.

by George Kramer

Absolutely. A new era is being ushered in. (But I doubt it’s the last era in technique.)