HODGES could shine...

Even since the “reopening” of Lake Hodges in 1979, there have been about as many opening day booms as busts. Wednesday, Feb. 1, the near 1200-acre reservoir’s 2012 season kicks off and I don’t think anyone is sure of the prospects.

For those who were still hoping the lake would shake out of the doldrums since the pipe to Olivenhein Reservoir was completed, most got mixed signals last year. In late summer there were some square-bill cranking action, as well as  Senko or wacky jig fishing in less than 10 feet, but even that was short-lived.

In fact, the City Lake reports were showing less than a dozen bass a week at times throughout the year–just awful. But the potential is there. The bait is there. The cover is thick, and the Florida strain genes still inhabit the bass population.

A lot of things have been blamed on the poor showing the last couple of seasons: high water and inaccessbile fish in the cover as well as fewer bass, due to poor quality run-off from preceding winters. A couple things we do know. They will be having boat inspections so clean and dry will rule the day. Also, you won’t be sharing the water with any rental boats as the concession is closed for now.

Of course, you also might make that perfect cast like Michael McLernan (note photo) did a couple of seasons back. And that could really make your day.

BTW: The lake is open Wednesdays and weekends and ramp conditions are good.


5 Responses to “Hodges opener Wednesday: Boom or bust?”

Why have inspections? Isn’t Hodges infected with quaggas already?

by George Kramer

Not officially, apparently. Olivenhein reportedly has them, but for now the city is treating the I-15 lake as if it has a clean bill of health. One of those “their lake/their rules deals?” Don’t really know.

Hmm…maybe I CAN fish A San Diego lake! I thought if one had mussels, they all had mussels. Thanks, George.

Turns out it was no boom nor bust. Turns out most everyone got a few with some excellent quality mixed in. Very few people there to boot.

by George Kramer

Thanks, Tom. I’ll have to find my way there soon.