There are hard decisions for the traveling bass fisherman today. Do you pull your boat back and forth, or do you leave it and your tow vehicle at the site and fly home? Towing, you have 4-dollar gas, suspect road stops and sleep deprivation. Flying, you’ve got crazy baggage fees, unreliable connections and you always need someone to pick you up.

This could help (a 30-second video).  Just click on the screen when you get to the site–it’s very brief. And it may convince you the best way to travel. (Or not). But I can tell you this: I’m towing my rig!

BTW: Thanks to actor/angler Sam Loya and the FX work from the incredible team at Video Co-Pilot. (What’s in a name?)



2 Responses to “Bass travel: Choose your risk/rewards”

by Michael Jones

I just want to know one thing: What government agency is responsible for allowing someone like Kramer to run an airline?