TODAY'S COLA catch was not too short of 8 pounds.

UPDATED, 4 p.m. Tuesday–Anybody can make a lucky cast, and I admit to those all the time. But following up on the theme of yesterday’s cola 4.8 Flick-Shake performance, we put the little worm back on display and the oily little shaker came through again. The result, this one at an even 7 pounds, 8 ounces.

While the world of bass lures, colors, scents and configurations is fraught with contradictions, sometimes it’s still okay to hang on to what works. That’s the way I think about the cola-colored Flick-Shakes (but also watermelon pepper) in the 4.8-size because they just get more bites.

Of course, this puzzles Jackall’s Curt Arakawa. He sees the sales numbers and the 5.8-inch size clearly outsells them all. Worse than that (on the stat sheet), the cola color doesn’t move nearly so well (which probably explains why when I order five or 10 bags at a crack, they’re always in stock).

I admit, “cola” is an nondescript color. It’s an opaque red/chocolate that might remind you of the old Delongs or perhaps the Little Brownie from FlutterCraft. But over the last three years, that color (along with Jackall’s ugly watermelon-pepper) works all over the water clarity spectrum.

VIOLET SHAD and Dark Thunder Silver come in 5.8, but the cola 4.8 is king around here.

And yet, if sales of the brand new Violet Shad (morning pink without the blue) and Dark Thunder Silver, (a smoke-sparkle worm with a darker smoke sparkle side, plus green and black flake) are good enough, those could also become available in the gets-bit-even-better 4.8-inch size. I know that’s what I’m hoping for.

But, the real secret of the little baits comes as a result of lower sales in the 4.8’s. Yeah, the worms you buy from the “older,” slower-moving inventory actually work better! It wasn’t the intent of the manufacturer, but if you check out a bag of 4.8’s on the peg, they probably are wet with fish-attractant oil. Compare that to the 5.8’s that are dry in the bag.

What has happened, according to Curt, is the scent oil has leached out of the worms in storage so the packaged baits end up slithering around–and that’s what we look for.

Around here, we found out how potent that “live fish” oil was by accident. When occasionally we’d pull other worms out of trays and put them in the empty 4.8 Flick-Shake bags, instantly, these all worked better: BPS, homemade, pick-a-brand.

So now, needless to say, we don’t throw the bags away.






3 Responses to “Wacky little secret about the Flick-Shake”

Nice fish, George! Elsie?

When I first heard about the Flick Shake, I got online and ordered like 5 packs in different colors. All they had to offer were the 5.8″ size. I didn’t findout until much later(when I saw one of the guys in the club using the worms)that they even came in a smaller 4.8″ size. I then had to find a tackle store that carried the smaller size.

If the tackle dealers only order the 5.8″ size that’s all the end users will buy, so naturally Curt’s sales figures will show higher sales of the 5.8″ over the 4.8″.

Of course, they are biting the 5.8’s or they wouldn’t reorder. But when you want volume of bites, our results have been pretty dramatic from Perris to El Capitan and stops inbetween. (This fish came from the other side of the freeway–the little reservoir upstream.)

Kramer, nice big one! Wacky Jig Head, dropshot, shakey head, mojo, and even weightless Texas rigged on those Blue Bird tuff finesse days in the trees – Flick Shake worms get bites! (Cola color is always in my rotation. Lol. Looking forward to our time on the water next month… TL