ALL THE POWER, without the pole...

I know you’ve got some “anchoring” options. For example, you can go Power Pole for the $1600 flag raiser, or double-up on those for the giant grasshopper look. Or, for maybe 250 bucks or so you can try a fiberglass pole like they use fishing the flats or other soft bottoms. Each has proven its worth, depending on one’s fishing styles or the nature of the waters you ply.

So now I ask, would you buy one in order to use it? Or would you be forced to use it, because you bought one? In other words, how many situations would you actually use such a tool? I don’t think that’s an unfair question, even if you would look pretty cool buzzing around as a floating lucust.

HOLD without backwashing...

What if you could get by in an occasional situation with a whole lot less technology, but still serve your needs? I’m thinking like in holding in a shallow, wood or brushy area that you don’t want to backwash with your trolling motor. Or ply an area that funnels down into a narrow little lane where you know fish are moving through.

RIGGED RIGHT, the harder you pull, the tighter it grabs...

Gary Klein used to talk about “fish management” meaning, managing to get the maximum number of fish out of each piece of cover, cut or pocket. That may take some patience. Yet, tournament guys don’t like to wait–but ooohhh, aren’t they the ones promoting the power anchor?

ALL YOU NEED to know is there...

The crappie guys have been using brush anchors or as Blakemore calls theirs–a Brush Gripper (a little $15 item) and they will hold in a near gale or river current. I know the bass guys are a little sensitive about appearances out there, but consider, you only need to pull out the Grippers for “the situation.”

And hey, the rest of the time, they’re hidden away (like the extra money in your wallet) so nobody knows just how smart you really are.


16 Responses to “The $15 ‘power pole’–might wanna buy two”

Problem is, the lakes I fish have very little brush or trees to grip onto. 🙁

Oh well, there’s always the good old fashioned anchor.

Which is sorta my point. However, I was kinda thinking Overton Arm… 😉

The power pole will work good in Overton. I don’t fish Mead in my boat. I don’t take my boat into any known infected waters. I don’t want quagga infestation and have to do the hot wash, and flush out my boat. I have a hard enough time cleaning it as it is. Okay, so I’m lazy…sue me! 🙂

Kind of hard to go wrong for the price.

Here’s the real problem with grippers … you’ll have to go fishing with Kramer to have someone willing to unhook the grippers at every spot. Is that really worth $1600? Trust me, he used to drop caramel corn on my boat carpet.

There are always “hidden costs” associated with the addition of any type of bass fishing accessory.

I tie-up every chance I get. We have a lot of standing. If I can’t tie I drop duh anchor. Really helps me the way I like to fish.

Is that the “Michael Jones” that wrote the little book on Finesse fishing? Good read and it really helped. CYA

Jojo, that is the same Michael Jones, who spent most of the last decade in Texas. But rumor has it, that Hotdog is coming back to the “Gulden” State. 😉

Well let him know his book really helped me get a feel for finesse. But my split-shot has turned into Mojo rig’n…Good Luck on move’n back “home”.

Get back Jojo! (Beatles reference) Yes, the home planet is calling me home. Thanks for the reference to the “little yellow book”. Kramer and I spent a lot of time together researching that thing. And, thanks to whoever invented Simple Green, a killer for carmel corn cleanups.

by Justin Denison

Sounds great in certain cases….but take for instance in the delta. I often use the Power-pole to slow my drift with the current and/or wind. Plus it also stirs up critters on the bottom feeding fish down current. Not sure the grippers would work good for tidal or very windy conditions when your looking to keep it moving.

You are quite right, Justin. We are talking situational fishing and your points are well-taken. But you have to admit, the price is right on the Grippers. 🙂

by Justin Denison

Agreed there…….

Where can I order? Have 2 and want 2 more

Got the sense Blakemore no longer makes these. You might find one on-line as canoe and kayak guys use them. They were sold out on a few sites I checked. Maybe take a look at

Wait, Becky. I saw them at BPS last Friday.