Having covered the outdoor scene since the early 1970’s, there are some things you just can’t deny. The spring (big) bass movement and the largest fishing/outdoor shows in Southern California always seem to coincide.

Although the Fred Hall shows have a new name “The Ultimate Outdoor Experience” and include many other facets of the outdoors than merely fishing and boating, there is no denying the timing. While in the middle of the loosely designated “pre-spawn” period right now, there is no getting around the full moon in March is on the eighth, right in the middle of the Long Beach Show.

That is sure to mean there will be some “heavy” conversations along Tackle Row regarding both specific waters and also specific techniques. Thus, you really need to spend a day at the Long Beach Convention Center that first week in March–consider the time an investment in networking and research.

Remember the way the calendar sets up in 2012, the end of the first week in April and again in May mean theses prime spawning months will feature the big moon early, (that celestial occurrence, most associated with the “waves” of nesting activity).

Of course, you don’t need to stop fishing right now. Rick Grover over at Anglers Marine intimated that some “real donkeys” are already showing at Lake Perris. With that, expect that all the lakes in the Inland Empire will likely stutter-step through the spring (depending on the number of intermittent storm fronts that drop in). Like you, I’d rather fish in shorts, but you’ll have no chance of that fish of a lifetime if you stay home just because there’s ice on the windshield.

However, in order to visit the Fred Hall shows, for March 7-11 in Long Beach, or March 22-25 at Del Mar Fairgrounds–I’ll give you a day off.