TV GUIDE lists Tami's show...

One of the favorite figures (er, personalities) on the western bass fishing scene, Tami Curtis, has hit a landmark for her work on her own TV show, Fish ‘n 4 Fun: recognition where it matters.  And to prove it, she just sent along a picture that says it all–her show has hit the iconic TV Guide.

Of course, you can find her on her websites as well, and and find out about her many endeavors and her latest “sports reports.” And with Tami, bass fishing is actually a sport.

And don’t forget, Tami is also an avid tournament co-angler and was the first woman ever to finish as an Angler of the Year–doing so in the South region of the WON Bass Tour for the 2011 season.

Lots of reasons to share the joy of the moment.  Good for you, Tami!


9 Responses to “Great moment for emerging Tami Curtis”

Tami is making leaps and bounds in her career. Better yet she is putting our west coast guys back on the map as well as our outstanding fisheries like havasu and clear
lake. Hopefully with her work and other guys like Kent Brown who help get our guys the recognition they deserve!!

Bravo, Tami!! Keep up the great work! You are breath of fresh air!

You can’t hold back talent ! Go get ’em Tami.

Good for you Tami! That is awesome…

George, Thanks for recognizing Tami’s hard work and success in producing her TV show Fish’n 4 FUN. It is really a good show, she has done a great job. I know she really appreciates your post George.

Tami, keep up the great work!

Tami’s passion and professionalism for the sport is evident in all she does from fishing to journaling. Congratulations Tami! You’re inspiring and refreshing!

In the handful of clips that I’ve seen on You Tube, Tami (IMHO) does a great job of presenting interesting topics at interesting spots with great video footage. None of the usual spastic camera work that dominates so much sports footage these days.Some of us actually like to watch fishing footage and have attention spans beyond a housefly. So, thank you Tami for the great work!

George…THANK YOU so much for the mention!

THANK YOU all for the comments, and for all those that helped make this possible…the viewers, sponsors, anglers, organization, friends, and family! It has been a such fun filming and editing the videos of the anglers and tournaments, etc. Without their interest in the videos and support this would not be possible! I hope WE ALL have many more years of fun with this show.


There is nothing like enthusiasm and your spirit and love for what you do make you one heck of a special person. You give more than you take. Thanks.