THE THIRD towel today...

Went fishing yesterday. Believed the forecast for maybe a tenth of an inch. Got sprinkled on, a few fish were biting. And then on the way home the skies opened, I got pounded on the 30-minute drive and I ended up with deeper water in my boat than I fished all day. This is a first for me, even though I have a cover I might have put on….

WHAT MORE can I do?

So now, I’m toweling. I’m sponging. I’m wiping and I’ve got the garage open so the 30 mph winds can help with the evaporation. I’ve even got the trailer jack raised, plug out and the garage floor is pooling up.

So I ask, is there anything more a guy can do to dry this puppy off?


12 Responses to “What happens when you’re Clean and Wet?”

When mine gets soaked, I just open up every thing so it’ll dry….Might put a fan on it. My boat shed has a dirt floor so it soaks up the drippings. I don’t go in the rain untill later in the year. Good Luck

Fans, and more fans, George. If the sun is out tomorrow, pull the boat out of the garage.

Shop Vac & Fans!

Shop vac, rags, and time.

Ditto on the fan idea and open everything up.

Sit in your boat and tell a bunch of your best jokes!

I’m putting most of these ideas to work. Just not yours, Caulfield. But thanks. 🙂

George, we know we could count on “Clean and Dry” from you!!

8-10 hrs in the sun at Skinner should do it…..

I think you could be right. (And what’s your schedule like?) 🙂

Did you get your boat dried out, George?

Like rice paper!