It came as a huge surprise to me, but I just saw the video farewell of California Top 40 bass angler Bradley Yang who is leaving us (make that, U.S.) to return to his native South Korea. In less than two weeks, this genuine young man, who has made a steady climb through the ranks of competitive angling over the last six years or so, will be gone.

But I don’t blame him a minute, despite his ever-growing reputation in the sport. It’s clear, he needs to be with his family in their most comfortable home environment. I get it. Heck, I’ve been here in Lake Elsinore for 30 years and I can barely be away for a week to cover a tournament.

Of course, there have been others that have weighed fishing versus family, and in some cases, choosing fishing was ultimately for family. Yet for every Jay Yelas who put his bride and his tackle in a van and made a go of it, we know the odds are long. But his family (and his faith) were always in the equation and you notice, when he scaled back his career, he returned to home country in Oregon.

Yet others, such as Norco’s Randy Best, picked a career pinnacle in fishing and let that be sufficient. Randy’s angling run even included a trip to the Bassmasters Classic, but then, he went back to full-time husband, father and bread-winner. And he’s still at it.

Of course, there are many others who, while they may truly ache to get on the pro trail, realize that the right move for them is settling on something less in fishing and something more as a spouse and parent. So while we say farewell to Bradley Yang, at the same time we honor all those who when forced to choose, pick family first.




6 Responses to “For Bradley Yang (and others) it’s family first”

Bradley brother, see you down the road my friend! Children grow fast, enjoy the ride!!

Good article George. Family first!

I spoke with Bradley and he’ll be back from time to time to fish tournaments and such once he gets his family settled in in Korea.

Hey George. Congrats on being named to the Fresh Water fishing Hall of fame!!

Good luck Bradley.

GK…good article…Bradley – you will be missed by many! Hopefully all of us can see you at the US Open.